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It’s very simple. You post short, exclusive videos, giveaways and contests to your StarNews channel.Your fans get daily updates. You get paid for each subscriber who watches.

Your content. Made your way. Direct to your fans


We source the best and most relevant content from popular talent and brands, and distribute it direct to their fans. We have strong partnerships with pan-African mobile operators, such as MTN and Orange.


We deliver short and addictive videos that users are ready to pay for and bill subscribers seamlessly through micro-payments. StarNews offers content creators a steady revenue stream at a higher revenue share than other platforms.


StarNews boosts messages from signed artists and brands – live notifications to promote events, exclusive videos distributed upstream and downstream of performances. Plus, functionality to run giveaways and competitions for fans – from concert tickets and gifts to celebrity meet-and-greets.

“Our vision is to unlock the massive potential of Africa’s mobile video market”
- Guy Kamgaing

We are connecting brands and celebrities with tens of millions of young, eager fans across the continent. We are giving content providers a sustainable new income source so they can benefit from their talent and influence. Our love of content means we will continue to deliver the world’s best and freshest videos to our users.

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