Frequently Asked Questions

StarNews is a subscription video service that provides customers with exclusive video content from their favorite celebrities. Through the platform, customers can enjoy personalized messages, access behind the scenes videos, and even get to know their star better via exclusive direct messaging and video calls.

For now we are live in Cote d’Ivoire with MTN and Moov, In Cameroon with Orange, In Congo and South Africa with MTN. We will launch soon in Nigeria and Senegal and many more countries.

The charge is indicated on screen throughout the subscription process, and an SMS is received notifying customers of the charge on successful subscription.

 Do you have airtime? You might have to charge your account to subscribe to a channel if you do not have airtime.

We have a large variety of content from music, to comedy, news, people, food, sport, culture, beauty, fitness and so much more.

You will receive a 3 to 5 minutes video.

New content is uploaded daily and includes everything your favorite star is liberated to share.

Visit our channels pages for more information.

No, only a person with an active StarNews subscription may use the service. 

You will  get billed automatically by your operator.

It’s very easy to unsubscribe, a code will be provided during your subscription with the instruction.

A notification is sent daily by text message with a url link. You just have to click on it and you will be able to watch the video.

Subscribe to the channel of your favorite artist on StarNews. Every day, a celebrity calls one or more of their favorite fans. Each week, the caller of the week is selected and wins a special prize. The video call is broadcast on the StarNews celebrity channel.

In francophone countries users get points every time they get billed, open a video, like or  comment. They can then redeem those points for rewards such as VIP tickets for concerts.

They are the 2 previous videos that you can easily have access to.

If you click on this button you will be redirected on our channel page where you can have access to all the channels we are offering. You can watch a preview video and directly subscribe to any channels you like.